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Every month the FOX Portfolio & Solutions team will bring you strategic marketing intelligence, insights, and solutions that focus on your brand needs and marketplace trends. This month’s update focuses on the healthcare industry and shares some key findings on the latest research, what’s new in the industry and how your brands can break through with the power of the FOX Portfolio. Below you’ll find the Tech and Telecom Category Insights Newsletter.

Category Outlook

Growth & Momentum Forecast

Growth is anticipated across the Tech and Telco category, with MAGNA forecasting an increase in category total ad spend of +29% in 2021, as final numbers are not official yet, and a projected +11% in 2022. For National TV ad spend, an increase of +16% in 2021 is projected based on an easier 2020 comparison, new product launches, and increased competition, but TV dollars should see a slight decline YoY in 2022.

  • WIRELESS GROWTH: Following a pull-forward of subscriber adds during the pandemic, the wireless sector could see slower growth in 2022 making for a more competitive environment. 5G ramp-up could serve as the biggest growth driver.
  • TECH MOMENTUM: Revenues of the 4 Big Tech advertisers are expected to climb +13% in 2022 and +12% in 2023 (1). Momentum should be driven by continued demand for cloud, software, and services given ongoing, massive digital transformation across industries.

Tech & Telecom Sales and Ad Review

Tech & Telecom ad spend sharply rebounded from the dip in 2020, soaring +22% YoY across all media during the first eleven months of 2021. Higher telecom dollars were mainly driven by digital while TV spend has not returned to pre-COVID levels. Tech experienced strong growth in both digital and traditional channels (2).

Headlines in Wireless and Tech

2021 wireless service revenue growth was solid with customer migration to higher-end unlimited plans and easier annual comparison, and Big Tech grew faster and became even more profitable during the pandemic.

The top 3 wireless operators gained unusually strong postpaid phone connections in 2021, which were partly attributed to more promotional activities and government subsidies tied to the pandemic.

Tech companies face potential industry risk with new regulations aimed at curbing antitrust behaviors and addressing online safety and privacy.

Metaverse gaining more traction as many tech companies invest to narrow the lines between digital and physical worlds.

Product sales for new computers and phones spiked in FY2021, driven by strong product cycles and higher demand for new tech and services with remote work and learning.

The pandemic also accelerated digital transformation across companies, boosting demand for cloud computing software and services.

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1 Standard Media Index
2 FactSet consensus estimates for Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook

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