A Better Way to Engage Audiences Across FOX

30 Seconds To Infinity: Callahan on How Fox Is Re-Inventing The Ad Break

Watch Dan Callahan, SVP, Data Strategy & Sales Innovation at FOX discuss Making CTV Happen: A New Ad Infrastructure Emerges, as part of the Beet.TV Leadership Series presented by Publica

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FOX Next personalizes the brand experience, connecting you to cutting-edge audiences across the entire FOX portfolio and beyond

Optimized Linear

Go beyond traditional age/gender with personalized buys that use this data to deliver directly against your campaign’s strategic targets

Digital Addressable

Capture audiences at the cutting edge of convergence using 1st and 3rd party data for 1:1 household targeting across multiple devices

Digital Programmatic

Partner via our Programmatic Guaranteed or Private Marketplace with additional targeting capabilities across all FOX properties

Linear Creative Ad Versioning

Customize your creative delivery by personalizing your outreach/message to different households within a single national spot

Action-Based Guarantees

Leverage FOX’s attribution partnerships to forecast, steward, and deliver on the actions most important to your brand

Unduplicated Reach Extension

Extend your brand’s Optimized Linear campaigns to FOX Digital to maximize unduplicated, cross-platform reach

Across ALL FOX Platforms

Attribution Parters and More

Learn about which data & measurement leaders we are partnering with to deliver the best results for our clients.


FOX NEXT is the center of excellence for all things new and innovative at FOX, bringing the ability to optimize against the entire portfolio through precision targeting, personalized messaging, innovative technologies and connecting brands to the RIGHT AUDIENCES.


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