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Key Insights Video Series

Craving more insights? Check out our new Key Insights Video series highlighting 5 Key Takeaways from Tubi’s latest Audience Report.

Did you know that non pay-TV is expected to surpass pay-TV viewership in 2023? Check out Tubi's latest Audience Research report to learn more about insights and streaming trends for 2023 and beyond.

Light ad loads and a massive library of free content.

Streamers are looking for content, an easy-to-use platform, and a good price with benefits.

A good mix of content, effective recommendations, and seamless navigation.

Tubi saw considerable growth year over year.

The Stream

2023 Actionable Insights for Brands

By 2024, over 1 in 3 of the US population will stream via AVOD. With more options than ever, it's paramount for brands to understand the latest trends. Tubi's annual report, The Stream, details the audience preferences & investment strategies for brands.

2023 Audience Report: Webinar on Demand

Get exclusive access to the latest findings from The Stream and more from Karl Dawson, Tubi’s VP of audience research. You’ll find out:

  • Why AVOD will be the biggest area of growth in streaming this year
  • What streaming audiences look for in choosing an AVOD service and what drives loyalty and satisfaction
  • Key audience segments that overindex for AVOD use and engagement

Fall Into The Stream

AVOD has officially outpaced SVOD. With former subscription only platforms getting into the ad-supported space coupled with economic macro trends, there are a number of key factors that will greatly impact the ad buying community for Fall Scatter and beyond. Tubi’s latest insights address trends ranging from ad prices to shifts in consumer behavior, content consumption, preferences and more. Fall into the Stream with Tubi and click below to download the insights.

The Great Negotiation

How a crackdown on password sharing will impact Ad Prices.

Original Content

What are Streaming Audiences Actually Watching?

2022 Streaming Snapshot

In partnership with OnePoll, Tubi’s latest research looks at key factors that drive loyalty to streaming services. Key findings include that 57% of those surveyed plan to cut paid TV and video services with the average person looking to cut 3 out of 5 and 1 in 4 respondents think the future of streaming will include free services with limited ads.

Audience Overview

From auto to retail – and everything in between – get the latest industry insights on Tubi’s massive, incremental, and nationally representative audience.