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FOX UPFRONT: Charlie Collier Plans for the Future

“FOX Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier on Post-Pandemic, Development Shifts and Studio Plans” by Elaine Low at Variety.

May 20, 2021

From Variety

“Following Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets, ‘Lachlan [Murdoch, Fox Corp. CEO] was very clear that we were committed to being a free ad-supported service,’ said Collier of the company. ‘And we have the No. 1 network, it looks like, for the second year in a row. Then we added, by design, a streaming service that was free and ad-supported.

‘We’re literally the only network-centric, U.S. broadcaster who also is 100% free and ad-supported on streaming. And so that is very much our strategy — that’s not part of our strategy, that is our strategy.'” Charlie Collier, CEO of FOX Entertainment

Learn more about how FOX Entertainment doubled down on being proudly-ad supported during this year’s upfront in Elaine Low’s review on

Read the full Variety article HERE.

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