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Dan Callahan on Beet.TV

Watch Dan Callahan, SVP, Data Strategy & Sales Innovation at FOX discuss Making CTV Happen: A New Ad Infrastructure Emerges, as part of the Beet.TV Leadership Series presented by Publica

February 4, 2021
by Beet.TV

“It’s a really exciting time that you can reimagine these things. You can get creative, you can work strategically with clients to find out what they want the interruption to look like and what makes sense for really that great content to have an ad break that doesn’t feel like an ad break.”

Dan Callahan, SVP, Data Strategy & Sales Innovation, FOX

Watch Dan Callahan’s full interview and read the corresponding article “30 Seconds To Infinity: Callahan on How Fox Is Re-Inventing The Ad Break” HERE at Beet.TV


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