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FOX Sports and Wendy’s took fans behind the scenes of FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff with a custom cobranded promo spot.

Cobranding That Delivers. Leading up to 2019’s iconic Red River Showdown, Wendy’s partnered with FOX Sports to create a custom cobranded spot promoting tune-in for a special two-hour edition of Big Noon Kickoff, FOX’s college football pregame show. The spot featured BNK talent Matt Leinart and Rob Stone on set, interacting with Wendy’s product and hyping up gameday delivery for hungry fans everywhere.

This partnership won the Gold Promax award for a Sports Branded/Sponsor Integration Promo

FOX Sports x Wendy’s, 2020. FOX Sports’ Matt Leinart and Rob Stone go behind the scenes to promote Wendy’s.