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The streaming landscape is in constant flux. But you knew that already.

That’s why understanding the habits, preferences, and desires of today’s viewer has never been more crucial. So we partnered with The Harris Poll, a leader in industry research, for this year’s edition of The Stream 2024: Streaming Insights for Marketers, a report full of insights and narratives to inform marketing strategies that cut through the noise.

What are those insights and narratives? Download The Stream 2024 to find out.

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You Won’t Find These Insights Anywhere Else

An exclusive look into the audiences influencing streaming

So what can you expect from this report? Well, for one, balancing entertainment options is becoming synonymous with balancing the checkbook. To avoid overspending, more than half of Americans (54%) are monitoring how much they use streaming services. 65% of viewers use at least one free, ad-supported streaming service regularly—a number that’s even higher for heavy streamers (72%). In fact, 62% would rather use free, ad-supported streaming over a paid subscription.

And, hey, you gotta have priorities: 58% of consumers would rather watch ads while streaming and get an extra coffee every month than pay full-price for an ad-free service. Download The Stream 2024 to find out what else streamers will (and won’t) pay for.

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Looking for Gen Z Streamer Insights?

We got you.

There is a clear shift in preferences and priorities among some of the most sought-after audiences. A whopping 74% of Gen Z and Millennials increasingly seek fresh and innovative ideas, preferring to watch original content instead of franchises or remakes. What’s more, they are embracing diversity, as 74% of Gen Z & Millennials seek out content showcasing different identities and backgrounds.

This creates significant opportunities for brands to captivate attention and connect more authentically with these audiences. But how can they do that? Dive into the full report below to find out.

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2024 The Stream Report


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