• Case Studies

Tide partnered with FOX in a multi-part story that aired across Entertainment and Sports

Utilizing Entertainment & Sports  in a multi-part story, Charlie Day and Emily Hampshire playfully discussed the “Laundry Later” debate reinforcing Tide’s campaign message “Super Bowl Now – Laundry Later”

Super Bowl – Custom :45 Tide Co-Branded Commercial. Charlie Day and Emily Hampshire playfully discuss Tide’s “Super Bowl Now, Laundry Later” message.

Partnership Details

Co-Branded Commercial in Super Bowl

A :45 ad included a :05-:07 “Masked Singer Moment” to keep viewers connected to the Tide message.

Co-Branded Commercials in The Masked Singer Premiere

Charlie continued the “Laundry Later” debate in two custom :15 pieces.

Social Partnership

FOX and Tide also collaborated on social media to keep the “when is later” debate going on Twitter.

The Masked Singer Premiere – Custom  :15 Tide Ad. While on-stage with The Masked Singer characters, Charlie unexpectedly interrupts the announcer to ask if now is the time to do laundry?

The Masked Singer Premiere – Custom :15 Billboard. In an unconventional custom billboard, Charlie pops up on The Masked Singer stage and asks the Llama when is “later”?

Partnership Solutions

The power to unite + impact audiences

The Masked Singer custom ads significantly over-indexed in all key metrics, including brand memorability and likability. Viewers had strong positive reactions to Tide’s campaign on social media as well.

Source: Phoenix, Nielsen Social