Tubi and The Harris Poll Team Up for The Stream 2024: Streaming Insights for Marketers

Tubi has released The Stream 2024: Streaming Insights for Marketers. Looking for viewer streaming habits? Ad-supported strategy insights? You’ve come to the right place. The Stream offers the inside scoop on viewers as they navigate the ever-evolving streaming landscape, informing resonant marketing strategies that cut through the noise.

This year, Tubi has partnered with The Harris Poll – a leader in the custom research space – to gain a comprehensive view of the state of streaming in America. The Stream 2024 unlocks exclusive insights including how, when, and where audiences are streaming, and how viewers are more selectively allocating their streaming spend this year. Take a look at what unique content is keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, where service loyalty really lies, and where advertising-supported streaming is fitting into the hearts and lives of the modern consumer.

“It’s never been more important to understand the habits, preferences, and desires of today’s viewer,” says Cynthia Clevenger, SVP of B2B Marketing at Tubi. “From what kind of content speaks to Gen Z to how consumers feel about ads, Tubi is here to shed light on the streamer’s mind and help marketers connect with this young, diverse, and highly engaged audience.”

Whether a seasoned industry insider or a media maven-in-training, there’s something for everyone in this report. Here’s a sneak peek at some insights that will help demystify the modern viewer:

Consumers estimate using about four different streaming services (3.75 average), with heavy streamers (defined as those who stream 15+ hours / week) using about five (4.67 average).


of viewers are streaming TV/movies for 1-3 hours in one sitting


of viewers streaming for 3 hours or more at a time



of Americans monitor how much they use their streaming services to avoid paying for services they aren’t using. As the cost of streaming and paid TV services matches other basic necessities, Americans are careful not to overspend: Americans are spending as much on streaming services and paid TV subscriptions combined in a month ($119.76) as they do on gas ($112.11).

Gen Z + Millennials are evaluating streaming services and plan to reduce their number of services in the next year.


A quarter of Gen Z + Millennials say they use more services now than they plan to in the future


of Gen Z + Millennials feel like they're spending too much money on their streaming subscriptions

“I’d like to see more TV shows / movies on streaming that are independent or from smaller creators.”

Prefer to watch original content over franchises / remakes and the same percentage are interested in seeing diversity and representation when they stream TV / movies.

Freemiums are in favor

“I use at least one free, ad-supported streaming service regularly (e.g., Tubi, Roku, Freevee),” a number that’s even higher for heavy streamers (72%).

“I would rather use free ad-supported streaming over a paid subscription.”

Almost six in 10 consumers are even willing to swap americanos for ad-free experiences, preferring to watch ads while streaming and get an extra coffee every month.



Sharing isn’t always caring: Over half of consumers would rather have a free account that is theirs than have a paid subscription they have to share with others.


of Americans want to see ads for other movies / TV shows while streaming


of Americans would like to see ads that feel targeted to them

Sounds too good to be true, right? Don’t worry, we’re used to delivering great content at no cost — just ask our 78 million monthly users. Click the download button below and dive into exclusive insights to meet viewers where they are already engaged and deliver experiences that reignite the excitement of pressing play.

Source: The Stream 2024: Streaming Insights for Marketers, Tubi + The Harris Poll 2024


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