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How Winn-Dixie leveraged OTT to maximize reach and engagement with audiences beyond linear investments

Winn-Dixie’s agency, USIM, was interested in increasing online engagement and extending the reach of its messaging to audiences beyond those exposed to linear investments.

On behalf of their client Winn-Dixie, USIM was able to leverage Tubi’s OTT and maximize reach and engagement with Tubi audiences


USIM partnered with Tubi to execute an OTT buy targeting Winn-Dixie’s audience in key markets. In partnership with TVSquared, Tubi ran a study to gain visibility into the incremental reach OTT delivered beyond linear, understand audience overlap and inform optimizations to maximize reach and reduce duplication.

Driving incremental reach at a time when shopping behaviors are constantly changing is critical for proving marketing ROI

Melissa Sierra, SVP Group Strategy Director, USIM



79% of Households reached by Tubi were incremental to linear inventory


Online Engagement

54% of Tubi exposed audience visited the grocery retailer’s website